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Thread: Firmware/Software Upgrade Procedure for the Multiview

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    Firmware/Software Upgrade Procedure for the Multiview

    Upgrading the firmware on the Multiview is a very simple procedure.

    The firmware version loaded to the Multiview is shown on the output for Unit 1 when the Multiview boots up.
    Alternatively to check the software version in the Multiview when viewing Unit 1 output on the TV, press Menu, then Information, the software version is shown at the bottom of the screen.


    1. Computer (laptop or desktop) running Windows with a 9 pin Serial* port.

    2. A 9 Pin D type female-female "Null Modem"cable, details here
    You can buy these cables from many computer shops or from Farnell and other online stores.

    3. The RSDEdit software for the PC, available here.
    This program is supplied as a compressed ZIP file so you have to first download this and unzip it onto a location on your computer.

    4. The latest firmware for the Multiview, this will be in the format of a DST file and can be found on this forum.


    1. Download the RSDEdit program and unzip this to a folder on your computer such as C:\RSDEdit
    2. Copy the new firmware file into the same location.
    3. Double click the “RSDEdit VC6.exe” file or create a shortcut on your desktop to this program.
    4. After running this you will have 2 windows, 1 for the program and another for a Terminal window.
    If the terminal window is not shown, move the program window by clicking on it and dragging and you should see the terminal window behind this.

    5. Click on “Serial”, “Set Serial Port”, “Speeds”and tick 115200,8,n,1
    6. Click on “Serial”, “Set Serial Port”, “Port” and highlight the port that corresponds to the Serial Port being used on your computer (usually Port 1 or Port 2).
    7. It’s advisable to check that you have everything setup correctly before trying to update.
    To do this power the Multiview up and you should see serial text in the Terminal window. If you can’t see this each time you power up the Multiview try clicking on “Terminal” and “Font Size” and adjusting the font size then powering up again.
    When you know that everything is connected correctly you are ready to move onto section 8 and upgrade the firmware.

    8. Click “Serial”, “Upgrade receiver...” then switch the Multiview off at the mains.
    9. Browse to the downloaded DST file and select this then click “Open” and switch the receiver back on at the mains.
    10. You should see a progress bar that will progress to 100% and then in the Terminal window you should see “Data OK”, “Programmed Code 1”
    11. The unit is now ready to use with the latest Firmware.

    * If you do not have a computer with a true serial port it is in some cases possible to use a USB-Serial adapter such as this one available from Amazon and other computer stores.
    Please refer to the supplied manual if using a USB-Serial adapter for details on the installation procedure.
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