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Thread: Dropout on one analogue channel

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    Dropout on one analogue channel

    Hi Guys,

    I'm getting a strange failure of a single analogue output in a system using two Multiview boxes (one "thin" one and one "thick" one.
    The failure occurs on the "thick" one, where one of the five outputs gives up showing a programme (in this case 5 USA from the SDN MUX) and shows an Information pane (so output power is present, but missing the programme):
    Menu Status 0
    Locks 1 1 0
    My Lock 1 [0]
    CRC 8b8196f0

    Resetting the box brings back normal operation, which can continue for days without further trouble, but the latest occurence was yesterday and I've had to return again today for another reset.

    An identical setup in an adjacent hotel (both "thin" boxes) hasn't ever done this.

    The incoming signal C/N is excellent (>29dB) and power level is around 52dBV on the SDN MUX input.

    Any ideas why this dropout occurs on one output whilst the rest remain working perfectly?


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    Re: Dropout on one analogue channel

    Hi Jim

    Seems like a strange one.

    Although the C/N ratio seems fine the signal level at 52dBuV seems a little low, you could maybe try getting a little bit more signal into the unit.
    I'm not sure how you have the inputs configured but if you are using the "loops" you could maybe feed the tuner for this MUX first, that would maybe give you a couple of more dB.

    1. I take it the unit is on the latest firmware, 03.14_100179 ?
    2. Teletext mode on all units set to Live Teletext ?

    The info. screen shows that, Menu is off, there are 2 muxes tuned and both are locked and the MUX for that "unit" is also locked correctly.

    You could also set the Auto Reset to Every Day, that would reset the entire box at 03:00 evey day.

    If possible I would try swapping the box with another to identify if it's a problem with the box.

    Or if you can get the box back to us we can have this tested/repaired/replaced as is necessary.

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    Re: Dropout on one analogue channel

    Hi Guys,

    The box is on firmware version 0314_100179.
    The teletext mode was set to live teletext, and should still be set that way but I'll need to check to confirm.

    The input for both boxes is coming from a 3-way splitter (two feeds are for the Multiview boxes and the third is for the 3-input amplifier to combine the digital MUXs with the analogue signals without using the loop connection on either Multiview box).

    I could "rearrange" the MUXs between the two Multiview boxes to put SDN on the other box, but they're always going to need a combination of PSB & COM MUXs on both boxes. I've no idea whether this makes a difference - it did seem to with the "Live EPG" setting rather than the "Live Teletext" (PSB channels seemed to hold up much better than the COM channels).

    Having reset the box last Thursday, I'm informed that it has done it again (lost Five USA) sometime over the weekend.

    I don't have a spare box to hand (but might be able to get one from my supplier tomorrow).

    Will update futher when I've spent a bit more time with the units.


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    Re: Dropout on one analogue channel

    Hi Jim

    Have you set the Auto Reset to Every Day?

    Remember to set the Live Teletext on each of the 5 "units".

    If you could let us know what channels are set on each output we can run a box here on soak test.

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    Re: Dropout on one analogue channel

    Hi Guys,

    I finally got back to this unit yesterday – sorry for delay.

    Live Teletext was set on all 5 output channels, so I’ve removed the box from the hotel and brought it back home to check (without changing any of the settings).

    Aerial input levels are around 70dBV (i.e. significantly higher than the hotel aerial signal) and approximately equal level (i.e. no significant slope).
    Ouput channels are 28, 31, 34, 40 and 55.
    Channels 28, 31, 34 & 55 show programmes from the D3&4 MUX (tuner 1), from Beacon Hill UHF channel 53.
    Channel 40 has a programme from the SDN MUX (tuner 2), from Beacon Hill UHF channel 42.
    Tuner 3 isn’t used (no lock).

    I set the Multiview box running yesterday evening, and it was operating with all 5 outputs at midnight.
    This morning, it had “dropped” the tuner 2 programme, showing the information pane detailed previously. All other outputs were fine.
    I then removed the aerial (but didn’t power down or reset), and the box then seemed to execute its own “reset”, recovering the missing output from tuner 2 with the aerial reconnected.
    Since then, all 5 outputs have been fine, and are still running. It may well lose the tuner 2 output overnight again.

    The auto reset is OFF, and I’m somewhat reluctant to set it without knowing why this would be necessary for one channel only (and three other Multiview boxes running fine like this).

    The other hotel (running a pair of newer “thin” boxes) uses exactly the same setup and has given no problems.

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    Re: Dropout on one analogue channel

    Hi Jim

    Thanks for the update.

    I'll ask the software guys if we can post the Firmware update for this version ("thick"), Hardware ID (HWID) up to F01 for the "Live EPG" fix, it may be an idea to update the units Firmware and see if this improves it.

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    Re: Dropout on one analogue channel

    Hi Guys,

    As anticipated, the Multiview unit dropped the tuner 2 programme sometime last night. The display was back to the information pane, showing the lock status (as locked). All tuner 1 programmes were running as normal.
    Checking on the Information menu, both tuner 1 and tuner 2 were showing normal C/N ratios, with the numbers being actively updated (23.0 to 23.3 dB).

    Id already re-installed the firmware a while back. It currently displays V03.14.100179 on the information menu (same as supplied).


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    Re: Dropout on one analogue channel

    Hi Jim

    It does sound like a faulty unit if you used the same setup on another and it did not fail.

    If you could let us know the exact channel line up and RF output frequencies we can set a unit up on soak test in the lab?

    Alternatively if you return the unit we can test & repair as necessary, please remmber to include a detailed description that the fault is intermittent to allow us to soak test the unit over an extended period.

    On the Firmware I was meaning a new release for the "fat" Multiview version with the latest fix to allow "Live EPG" to be re-enabled.

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    Re: Dropout on one analogue channel

    Hi Guys,

    Channel lineup on the multiview box as follows:

    Programme 1
    ITV (LCN 3) outputs on UHF 28

    Programme 2
    Channel 4 (LCN 4) outputs on UHF 31

    Programme 3
    Five (LCN 5) outputs on UHF 34

    Programme 4
    5USA (LCN 31) outputs on UHF 40

    Programme 5
    ITV2 (LCN 6) outputs on UHF 55

    Understood about the firmware Id be happy to try a newer version if its available anytime soon.
    Shall I wait until you've run your tests ahead of me sending this one back?


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    Re: Dropout on one analogue channel

    Hi Jim

    We set a unit up last night on this line apart from ITV where we had STV set, still running this morning OK.

    I'll maybe email you the latest firmware for this version with the EPG fix, you can test that and if it is still the same return the unit to us for a repair.

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